What Could Be Worse Than One Hundred Snakes In A Bedroom, One Stubborn Agent & One Mangled Finger

Last week, I shared a story of one of the more bizarre listing appointments I’ve ever done.

In case you missed it, the short version was that I was finally granted access into the main bedroom and discovered a reasonably sophisticated snake breeding program…and at least 100 snakes in this tiny 9m2 room!

But the story didn’t end there – Here’s the second part of the story – Enjoy!

I quickly exited the room to gather my thoughts and take a few notes as I caught my breath (whilst my new friend locked the door behind me).

With the stench making me feel queasy, I remember thinking that there wasn’t a single window open in the home at the time.

Still trying to come to terms with what I’d witnessed, the owner asked me if I wanted to see the second bedroom.

I answered “Yes sure” and had no idea that what I was about to see would be even worse!

So it makes perfect sense that if you’re breeding snakes, there’s one factor that you’d have to consider and that is how to feed them all.

And how do you ensure a solid food supply for such a large quantity of reptiles!

Of course, the answer is that you’d require an equally well-organized rat breeding program!

I walked into bedroom 2 and this time, my stomach did turn. I did my best not to throw up but is was particularly hard.

The smell still makes me feel sick to this day and in this room, there must have been hundreds and hundreds of rats.

So I retreated out of this room faster than the proverbial rat up a drainpipe and left the home rather quickly.

The funny part about this story is that it is a requirement for me to fill in a report about the property for the Forensic Accountants.

So here were a few of the questions and my answers…


Q. Is there anything in the home that may impede a possible sale or that you perceive to be an issue in order to secure a sale?

My Answer: Yes.

Q. If ‘Yes’, please provide details…

My Answer: 100+ Snakes In Bedroom One

Q. Is there anything else?

My Answer: Yes.

Q. If ‘Yes’, please provide details…

My Answer: Yes. Hundreds of rats in Bedroom 2

Q. Are there any safety concerns is placing the property on the market on an ‘as is’ basis?

My Answer: Yes – See Above.

Q. Do you feel that the property can be left as is in order to secure a sale at fair market value?

My Answer: Umm….No.


You can imagine the reaction of the accountants when I sent the report through?

I had my contact from there on the phone to me in a heartbeat and I still remember the call…

“Please tell me you’re joking” he said.

The long story was that the property was eventually sold by the owner directly and I believe that he moved out of the home and took his prized collections with him prior to him selling it.

So when it comes to appraising a home, you just have no idea what you’re going to see from one appointment to the next.

Next week, I’ll share a few more of my ‘more memorable’ listing appointments with you so be prepared for a few laughs!

Oh…and one last thing….We’d like to wish all of the Dad’s out there a very Happy Father’s Day this Sunday!

To my extraordinary Father Reg, thank you for all of the love, time and effort you’ve put into making me a better person over the past 46 years! I feel like I’m the luckiest son in the world and if I turn out to be the half the Father to my kids as you are to me, I’ll be a very happy man!


Until next week, Happy Listing & Happy Selling!

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What Could Be Worse Than One Hundred Snakes In A Bedroom, One Stubborn Agent & One Mangled Finger